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Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is used to measure the flow of electricity from one point to another by placing it at the two points on the circuit. This is one of the most simple tools that one can use. This has a small neon bulb with 2 insulated wires. This is used to determine the adequate voltage that is present in the wire. At Shyam Electronics & Electricals, Gujarat, you will get the best quality tester at an affordable price.

How To Use?

You need to touch one probe of the wire or the connection and the other probe to the opposite connection or wire. The light at the end of the tester will start to flow if the component is getting electricity. In case the light doesn’t glow it means that there is some problem in the voltage. This is one of the easy to know whether the flow of electricity is right or not. You get instant results which are accurate as well.

Being the best voltage tester distributor in Gujarat, we make sure that the products we supply can be used for all purposes. This can be a set of tools like,

Home Repair Tools: If you want to make the fixes in the current and electricity flow by yourself, you can use this tool. This is a must-have tool in your toolbox. It is easy to use and also low maintenance.

Electrical Tools: One should have some handful of tools in their toolbox which they can use to tackle the basic electrical issues.

Continuity Tester: This is used to determine the particular component of an electrical appliance.

Buy fluke voltage tester at best price from our company. We are a trusted and reliable company and we provide products that are of top-class quality and type. We deliver products to almost all parts of the world. Call us and tell us your requirements to get a quote.


T150 VDE Voltage Tester
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Product Details

Power Source Electric
Warranty 1yr
Brand Name Fluke
Operating Temperature Min -15°C
Operating Temperature Max 45°C
Voltage Measuring Range AC 12V to 690V

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T140 Voltage Tester
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Product Details

Brand Name Fluke
Dimensions 24 x 56 x 240mm
Safety Category Voltage 600V
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Height 240mm
Length 24mm

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