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Rishabh Digital Clamp Meter

If you are in the electromagnetic and electrical engineers, then the clamp meter is a must-have. This a very useful device which is used for different purposes and measurements in the electrical industry. Our company Shyam Electronics & Electricals based in Gujarat works as a supplier of Rishabh digital clamp meter and other such devices. These are highly in demand in the market for the quality of the devices.

A Clamp meter is called a current probe by some. This is an electrical device which has jaws that open and allows you to clamp around any type of electrical conductor. These use wide jaws which clamp around the outer surface of the electrical conduction. This provides non-contact current measurements.

Our clamp meters are usually used to measure the resistance, voltage, capacitance, continuity and much more. These can perform analysis in the field on the live conductors without interrupting the circuit.

We have experience of years and we understand what our customers want. We have products of various specifications like 1000AC digital clamp meter. Our company has built its core competence in delivering products that has an amazing design and manufactured using quality parts. We test all our products and perform industrial control on strong fundamentals.

Advantages Of Our Clamp Meter

• Our clamp meters can be used in noisy electrical environments.

• The Rishabh clamp meters that we supply can be used to filter out the noise and also to provide accurate and stable measurements.

• Our company clamp meters have amazing designs which fit in the hand while you wear PPE.

• You can use this to measure even in compact spaces.

• Clamp metres that we have listed on our website can be used for a wide range of measurements.

• These are fast and will show you accurate results. You can save both money and time.

Contact us and get our products. We are the best digital clamp meter suppliers & distributors in India.


Rishabh Digital Multimeter

Shyam Electronics & Electricals have made a huge name among the top listed companies in India. We are the leading distributor and supplier of Rishabh Digital Multimeter. We have a huge customer base around the nation. Our products are highly in demand in the market. Our products are designed with the precision utilizing highly qualitative raw materials which help us in enhancing the efficiency of the whole array. Advanced methods and modern technology are used by manufacturers and developers.

We make sure that the products that we procure don’t have any error and manufacturing defect. We have also adopted many stringent quality testing measures and provide which we have been specified by the industry. We have professionals with amazing skills and talents and with their help, we execute the whole business operations in the best way possible. Our products are in demand because of its high quality, amazing performance, longer life and much more. Due to these reasons today we are known as the best Rishabh digital Multimeter supplier in Gujarat, India.

Our company products are assembled in such a way that they can meet customer needs. We have partnered with the best brands so that our customers get products that best for both personal and commercial use.

Why Choose Products From Us?

Our company has products of different specifications and types. You will get Max10 digital Multimeter along with many other models. We have earned a respectable position in the market today and have achieved large support of our customers and clients by meeting their expectations. We ensure rendering the satisfaction of our customers and clients by offering the desired products to the. Our products do not have any fault and can last long if used properly.

Contact us and order our products online. Get it delivered at an affordable price right at your doorstep. Speak to our executives to know more.


Rishabh Digital Panel Meter

  • 4 1/2 Digit 1" Display Dc Ammeter/volt Meter (72x144)

    Brand Name : Rish

    Digit height : 26 mm / 7- segment digits

    Decimal point position : Selectable by short links at the rear side of Display.

    Temperature coefficient : 300 ppm / °C

    Zero point drif : 200 ppm / °C

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    4 1/2 Digit 1" Display Dc Ammeter/volt Meter (72x144)

  • 4 Digit Fully Programmable Ac Ammeter/voltmeter (48x96/96x96)

    Brand Name : Rish

    Nominal input voltage (AC RMS) : Phase –Neutral 290V L-N , Line-Line 500V L-L

    Max continuous input voltage : 120% of rated value

    Nominal input voltage burden : < 0.3 VA approx. per phase

    Nominal input current : 5A AC RMS

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    4 Digit Fully Programmable Ac Ammeter/voltmeter (48x96/96x96)

  • 4 digit Power Factor DPM (96x96)

    Brand Name : Rish

    Nominal Input Voltage (AC RMS) : Phase-Neutral 57.7 - 277V L-N (Line-Line 100 - 480V L-L)

    Max Continuous Input Voltage : 120% of rated value

    AC Auxiliary Supply : 110V AC -15%/+20% / 230V AC -15%/+20% / 380V AC-15%/+20

    DC Auxiliary Supply : 12 to 48V DC ± 10%

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    4 digit Power Factor DPM (96x96)

  • 4.5 Digit Dc Ammeter/volt Meter (48x96/96x96)

    Brand Name : Rish

    Display range : 19999

    Decimal point position : Selectable by short links at the rear side of Display

    Digit height : 14 mm / 7- segment digits.

    Measuring ranges : Max. Overload 120% o f full-scale range value]

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    4.5 Digit Dc Ammeter/volt Meter (48x96/96x96)

  • N25 Digital panel Meter

    Brand Name : Rish

    Weight : < 0.25 kg

    Overall dimensions : 96 x 48 x 64 mm with terminals

    Display : 5-digit LED display, 14 mm high, red colour

    Indication Range : 19999 to 99999

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    N25 Digital panel Meter

  • N30 Digital Panel Meter

    Display Type : Digital

    Automatic Grade : Fully Automatic

    Brand Name : Rish

    Display : 3 Colour LED Display

    Size : 48 x 96 mm

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    N30 Digital Panel Meter

  • NA3 Digital Meter with Bargraph

    Brand Name : Rish

    Supply voltage : 95-253 V a.c./d.c

    Relative humidity : < 95%

    Storage : -25 to 85°C

    Meter version : with a bargraph and digital display

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    NA3 Digital Meter with Bargraph

Rishabh Digital Insulation Tester

At Shyam Electronics & Electricals you will get the best Rishabh digital insulation tester at an affordable price. These are suited for universal and general applications in the electronics and electrical fields as well as television and radio services, education and training. These are manufactured and designed by the best manufactures and are designed with flat designs which makes it easy to fit in your bag.

The protective cover which is given is standard equipment which can be opened at a very angle for all kinds of convenient reading from the workbench and also provides easy transport.

Our products are widely known for the amazing features that it has. Some of which are as follows:


When you press the On/ hold key, you will get the current measurement displayed. Also HOLD is displayed simultaneously.

The Relative Measurement

After you press the REL key, zero correction is made and also the relative value is measured. All the functions can be used to measure the relative value, 0 except diode, duty, C functions and continuity.

The Automatic or Manual Measuring Range Selection

This is the measurement function which is chosen with the rotary selector switch. The range of measuring gets adjusted automatically. If you want you can also select the range manually with the Man or auto button. Buy Rishabh digital insulation tester from our company and enjoy amazing features.

Continuity And Diode Testing

For circuit interruptions and short circuits. Adding to this the display, the resistance of less than 100 W indicates with an acoustic signal.

Energy Saving Circuit

The instrument is switched off automatically if no operating element is activated for around 15 minutes.

Protective Cover For The Rough Operating Conditions

A protective cover of ABS with a built-in stand protects the instrument against falls and jolts. This also secures the test probe for one hand to another and allows for winding the measurement cable which provides you with protection during the transport.

Choose us as we are the best Ait insulation tester supplier, Gujarat, India.


  • AIT 501 Insulation Tester

    Warranty : 1year

    Brand Name : Rish

    Relative Humidity : 90% RH at 40°C max.

    Scale Length : 50 mm

    Storage Temp. : -25°C to +65°C

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    AIT 501 Insulation Tester

  • Insu 10 Insulation Tester

    Brand Name : Rish

    Temperature Coefcient : <0.1% per °C

    Operating Temp. : -20°C...+40°C (full range)
    -20°C...+60°C (upto 100M )

    Storage Temp. : -25°C to +65°C

    Relative Humidity : 90% RH at 40°C max.

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    Insu 10 Insulation Tester

  • Insu 20 Insulation Tester

    Brand Name : Rish

    Battery : 6 x 1.5 V cells IEC LR6 non-rechargeable cells

    Fuse : 500 mA(F) / 440 H.B.C. 10kA min (32mm x 6mm)

    Temp. Coefficient : <0.1% per °C

    Storage Temp : -25 °C to ++65 °C

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    Insu 20 Insulation Tester

  • Insu 5000AKM Insulation Tester

    Brand Name : Rish

    Ambient Temperature : + 23 C ± 2K

    Relative Humidity : 45 to 55%

    Measured Quantity Frequency : 50Hz ± 10Hz (for voltage measurements)

    Operating position : Operating position

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    Insu 5000AKM Insulation Tester

  • Insu 5DX Insulation Tester

    Warranty : 1year

    Brand Name : Rish

    Temp. Coefficient : <0.1% per °C

    Storage Temp : -25 °C to ++65 °C

    Relative Humidity : 90% RH at 40°C max.

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    Insu 5DX Insulation Tester

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